Simplecast updates
Simplecast updates

Release Notes: July 20th, 2022



  • Two-Factor Authentication - You now have the option to enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on your Simplecast account. Two-Factor Authentication is an important security measure that adds a second layer of protection in addition to your password. Learn more

Release Notes: June 15th, 2022



  • Schedule to unpublish - the ability to schedule an episode to unpublish (or "expire") an episode from an RSS feed. This is a great feature to use for windowing content. Learn more

Release Notes: April 12th, 2022



  • Additional RSS Feed support (Essential and Growth Plans): Now every Podcast can have an additional feed. This can be used for windowing content across platforms, offering premium-only content, and other awesome use-cases. Learn more

Release Notes: January 12th, 2022



  • Show settings have been organized into a three-tab layout for ease of use. Users with access to Mae and Adswizz will now see a separate ‘Markers’ page within the Show Settings side menu.

  • Marker updates: Users with access to Mae and Adswizz now have two additional features accessibly under the ‘Markers’ menu option of Show Settings.

  • Mid-roll marker limits: Sets a default value for the number of ads allowed in a mid-roll ad break (applies to all mid-roll markers on an episode), when creating a new episode. The default value can be changed on a per episode basis. This functionality mirrors the existing ad break default functionality already offered for pre-roll and post-roll markers.

  • Mid-roll marker alerts: If this feature is toggled on, a confirmation pop-up will appear before publishing (or scheduling to publish) any episode, requiring the user to confirm the number of mid-roll markers placed in the episode before proceeding with publication.

  • Org/Network User management updates: Users can now edit an existing User and add/remove them from additional shows and networks without having to go through the new invitation flow.

Release Notes: August 10th, 2021





  • Mae (our Dynamic Audio Insertion tool) now supports Third-party Pixel tracking using Chartable and Podsights. Now when you create a campaign you can add a third-party tracking pixel from either or both services.

Release Notes: July 6th, 2021





  • MP3 and Ad-Free MP3 Direct Download Links - If you have Mae or Adswizz enabled, you now have access to direct download links for your episode audio files and ad-free episode audio files in the MP3 Download section of the Episode Details view.

  • Duplicate Episode is available from the Episodes List view quick menu (…), allowing you to copy an episode and all of its contents (minus the audio file). Use this as an Episode template to create episodes faster with all your important Show Notes and info.

  • Episode List view has been updated with new layouts for users with either multiple RSS feeds, campaigns, or both with additional filtering.

  • Audience Analytics have been updated with an indication of what feed a given episode has been published on, to help differentiate episode performance by feed.

  • [Fix] Updating the Alternate Show Website in Site Settings applies to all episodes across the your Episodes unless you specify a different link

  • Feed Status Indicator RSS feeds shown on the main Show Distribution page will include an indicator of feed status, which can be updated in Advanced Settings.

  • [Fix] Mae: Episode Target Selector Performance - Improved performance of the episode target selector when large volumes of episodes could be targeted by a campaign.

Release Notes: April 20, 2021





New Features:

  • Advanced RSS settings: Advanced Show Distribution settings have been moved to Show Settings > Advanced Settings. The new Advanced Settings contain a simplified Feed Status selector (public, unlisted, off), the option to create/remove an ad-free feed (see below), and the option to toggle off episode numbers for Apple Podcasts (see below).

  • Ad-free feeds: Users with campaigns enabled have the option to create an ad-free version of their feed. Users also have the ability to refresh the URL for that feed to continually secure it. Ad-free feed options can be found in Show Settings > Advanced Settings.

  • Ability to disable episode numbers for Apple Podcasts: Users have the option to remove episode numbers from Apple Podcast distribution, which automatically adds episode numbers. The episode number option can be found in Show Settings > Advanced Settings and its enabled by default

  • App-specific distribution links: for Apple Podcasts, Overcast, and Pocket Casts that can be used when distributing a Podcast that is not available in public directories.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • All legacy customers have been migrated to the newest version of Simplecast.

Release Notes: March 24, 2021





General Feature Updates:

  • Episode audio file preview after you upload. Once you add a file, you will now be able to preview it on the add/edit episode page.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Improved RSS feed settings and renamed Enclosure URL to Analytics Enclosure
  • Audience > Technology > Listening Methods now report apps: Jiosaavn, Uforia, Gaana, and Wynk
  • Improved RSS Feed Settings

Release Notes: March 9th, 2021





Small Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • RSS feed URLs now display on the Distribution page

  • Web player sharing modal has been optimized for mobile, the close button moved to the right, and you can now click to close anywhere outside the modal.

  • Fixed: Users with the Compare Shows feature in Audience analytics can now see downloads for all shows for all time.

  • Fixed: When inviting users to a team or network, blank spaces between email addresses in the list will no longer be counted as incomplete emails, preventing submission.

Release Notes: February 23rd, 2021





General Feature Updates:

  • Users have the option to disable email notifications when new episodes are published. This can be disabled from Account Settings > Email Notifications

  • Embedded web player has enhanced screen reader options for improved accessibility

Mae (Dynamic Audio Insertion) Updates:

  • Campaign marker waveform is now scrollable with a trackpad, mouse, or keyboard, facilitating precision in placing ad markers and better navigation.

Small Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Users can now clear distribution channel URLs from Show Settings > Show Distribution
  • Fix for All-time analytics for unique listeners on a single episode