Simplecast updates
Simplecast updates

Release Notes: October 14, 2019

We're pleased to announce that the next time you log into Simplecast, you'll be greeted by our all new Dashboard, which includes:

  • A faster login loading experience (which is especially great when switching accounts!).

  • A quick snapshot of your Analytics with a direct link to view all your Audience Analytics.

  • A link to your most recently published episode with quick links to Share, Recast, and Episode Details.

    • Quick links to your most recent drafts (up to 3 listed).
  • Quick links to Help Articles

  • Quick links to Simplecast updates (Changelog, Blog, Twitter)

  • A better designed On-boarding experience for first time customers.

    • To view the analytics that once lived on the dashboard, you'll now find them in the Audience tab under Overview (this is the default page you land on when you click "Audience"). With this update, you'll get:

    • A refreshed design and navigation so that you can conveniently view your Audience Overview and Audience Insights all in one place.

    • We have also launched a new distribution channel: Pandora - From the distribution page, you can find out how to submit your show. Once approved, you can then save your link so that your listeners can find your show on Pandora via your site and web players.