Simplecast updates
Simplecast updates

Release Notes: September 21st, 2020

  • Updated Distribution page now includes Amazon Music, JioSaavn, Gaana, and PlayerFM to our list of services.

  • Audience analytics now have Amazon Music in your Audience > Technology > Listening Methods reports

  • We've introduced Auto Uploading to our Episode pages so you can upload as you work on the rest of your Episode details. (With more improvements on the way)

  • Since Release reports: You can now choose to run a 7 or 30 day since release report

  • Analytics report CSVs are now sent via email: When you click the CSV download button, the report will be generated in the background and emailed to the account you are logged in as.

Mae (Dynamic Audio Insertion) Updates:

  • Campaign creation has new audio blocks that allow for a mixture of marker types that you can target each audio file at.

  • Introducing Marker Limits: Each marker type has a limit of up to 5 audio files that can play in each one.

  • Now you have the ability to remove the default Pre and Post roll markers on individual episodes.

  • Campaign Previews (Beta): Now if an Episode is being targeted by a Mae Campaign, you can preview the Episode audio on the Episode Details page.

Small Bugs / Improvements:

  • Sites now show the active Episode in the top right of your site so it matches what's in the player.